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A little too slow

You have a great idea, great animation, and great music, but the whole thing moves so slowly. Cut out some of the walking, make the dialogue a little more entertaining and to the point, and it would be an awesome cartoon.

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Too slow, hated voices

I could tell you were going for a few "Family Guy" cutscene - randomness jokes that just did not work because the whole flow of the show was interrupted. I hated the older brother's character so much (no offense to whoever does his voice). The whole thing just seemed too slow and lame

This was really good, but a few things....

Just wanna say that that was great, but the demon wasn't quite demonic enough. When he roars and stuff, maybe you should make everything shaded red for an instant or add some earthquake-like sound to it.
Other than that little thing, it was superb.

I love Xombie

i've always watched these xombie movies and each one gets better and better. That lady is really hot, too! ;)
make more now.

it was the same clip of someone getting shot

i got really annoyed when you kept using the same clip (which was pretty well made) where the guy gets shot and spins around a million times. take the time to make different positions of the guys getting shot, because it just looked like a whirlwind. other than that, good job.

von-Brunk responds:

But the whole "spinny" thing is my favorite part...

it was pretty funny, but too long

this submission was really funny, and i like your originality. however, it was a bit long and tedious. i liked the randomness of it too.... reminded me of monty pithon. good job, and make more!

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System of a down is soooooooo awesome

i love cigaro.... the only thing i would have changed in that video is making a few different scenes of the two main guys singing, not just standing in the same places.
great song.

Murray responds:

I agree with the characters staying in one spot too much. I'm thinking of making another SOAD music video. One that will have more scene or something like that. But other tham that, thanks for the nice review.

a bit confusing.....

i didn't really get any of it.... the fighting could have been a lot cooler, but the punches looked kinda weak and pointless. There probably should have also been fighting based on Nintendo and Playstation Games instead of just punching and boringness.

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a longer piece like that = gold

just work really hard and you'll be making great flash movies in no time.

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